New Friends design and produce weavings, textiles and housewares. They weave unique objects that combine the rich history of textiles and contemporary visual culture. The fibers used in their vivid, oddball collections range from locally sourced, plant dyed wools to man-made metallic threads. New Friends is Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski, established in 2012 and based in NYC. Metropolis magazine named New Friends one of The Select Ten in the 'new talent' issue, October 2013.
Photo by Jody Rogac © 2014

Metropolis, The Select Ten
Mat and Me
Sight Unseen

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Matter, NYC
Beautiful Dreamers, Brooklyn NY
Fern, Hudson NY
Totokaelo, Seattle
Mr. Kitly, Melbourne

Photography and styling by Alyssa Robb
Styling by Elyse Derosia

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